Just for the record
Dec 4, 2014
“A muscle will only strengthen when forced to operate beyond its customary intensity and respond to that new stress imposed upon it”

Progressive resistance training will regularly impose stress upon the muscles, forcing them to respond to the stimulus and overcompensate with the production of new muscle therefore promoting growth.

In my experience to maximise the benefit of progressive resistance is to impose new stress on the muscles at each training session with a main working set for each exercise performed to muscular failure.

As we get older it’s hard to even remember which way round our underwear goes on, never mind tracking progression of increased strength.

I feel that the weight used and number of reps performed particularly for the basic compounds that should be prioritised early in their respective workout such as bench press, squats, deadlift and military press are documented.

This motivates the individual at each workout towards positive progression from the previous time, even if it’s a 5kg increase or even that extra rep on the main lifts.

This can simply be recorded in a notebook or even using a workout app such as the Jefit or Bodyspace ones that are available.

Trying to constantly improve with small steps is the way to go and over a period of time bigger changes are made.

So why not try recording your main lifting stats from workout to workout and see how this not only records your progress but promotes progression.

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My name is Kenny McDowell – 50 years young ! I was fat not so long ago and have in just 2 years transformed my physique from what it was losing 60 lbs on the way to become a champion fitness model. To find out how I did it and see if you can do the same – just visit My Story page. http://www.physiqueoverfifty.co.uk/my-story/